The mission of Gale Arabians is to support and promote the preservation of the Egyptian Arabian horse by selecting, breeding, and offering to clients superior quality horses exhibiting the excellent characteristics of their breed.
   Our Mission   
Betty Gale Davis
1675 Charlie Olds Road
Ward, AR 72176
Phone: (501) 941-2345
Cell: (501) 412-0441

Exquisite Straight Egyptian Arabians

Gale Arabians, specializing in straight Egyptian Arabian horses, was born with the purchase of Muniq Bayad (Thee Desperado x DeSha Jordania).  It was a mutual love at first sight for Betty Gale and Muniq when they met in the spring of 1999.  Soon afterwards another beautiful bay Thee Desperado daughter, Haleys Star, was added.

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One who has never been around horses or encountered straight Egyptian Arabians might ask why a woman who is retired from a long career in education would take on such a venture - even to operating a small ranchette while boarding the rest of her horses.  The answer is simply love and appreciation for the absolute beauty, charisma, tractability, and history of these proud, gorgeous animals - an investment in beauty and preservation.

From the two mares, Muniq Bayad and Haleys Star, the herd has grown.  Shahiraa Gale, Haleys Star's first foal for Gale Arabians, has since produced three beautiful fillies by The

Inquiries may be directed to Betty Gale Davis (see contact information at the bottom left of this page).  Videos are available.